Weather Forecast Widget

Weather Forecast Widget app will show weather at custom location on your device home screen, phone or tablet. You can set it to show local weather or to show international weather of custom locations all over the world. When you put widget on your device home screen it will show you current weather, 4 days forecast and current moon phase. You can touch each day and dialog with more information will show.

Main features are:

  • today's weather at your location
  • five day forecast
  • multiple locations
  • automatic updates
  • clock widget
  • atmospheric pressure
  • rise and set times for sun and moon
  • details weather on touch
  • support for tablets
  • current moon phase
  • air humidity
  • wind speed and direction
  • current zodiac sign of the moon
  • link to great Moon Phase Widgets application
  • application drawer icon with instructions how to use widget
  • option for manual weather update
  • option for metric/imperial units
  • option for updating only when wireless WiFi is available
  • option to show location on widget
  • option to choose weather icon set
  • option for 24/7 hour format
  • local weather
  • international weather
  • weather widget
  • animated weather
  • weather app for tablet
  • weather report
  • weather now

See here how to add widget on your home screen.

Weather data is provided by Its weather service like weather channel, weather network, accuweather, weather underground, yahoo weather and others

Moon images created by nasa/goddard.

Thank you for choosing this app. In order to keep this app free and allow me to keep working on improvements you will periodically receive a sponsored ad. I appreciate your understanding and support. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Hash tags:
#weather, #sky, #outdoors, #nature, #sun, #summer

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You can download 4Weather from Google Play.


Version 1.9.8
- Google+ button enabled again
- themes replaced by custom color picker
- added option for enable or disable widget shadow
- optimized UI
- optimized graphics
- many bug fixes

Version 1.9.5 to 1.9.7
- small fix for better tablet layout
- fixed bug that caused empty Help dialog in some cases
- changed weather provider from worldweatheronline to openweathermap. This will result in better accuracy of weather data
- optimized number of location request
- added option for high accurate location (requires GPS)
- better weather data update algorithm
- compliant with Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement

Version 1.8.5
- added option for notification on weather update
- added atmospheric pressure for current day

Version 1.8.4
- added Google+ button
- new application icon
- added additional languages German, Italian, Russian
- share option replaced with Android native
- added icons for moon and sun rise and set times
- tweaked UI for better display of forecast

Version 1.8.3
- better Facebook integration

Version 1.8.1
- new application icon
- added setting for switching usage of day/night time icons (default is day time icons only)

Version 1.8
- less adds more content!
- new customizable clock widget
- added new Meteocons icon set
- performance improvements

Version 1.6
- disabled smart weather update because of a bug that caused great power consumption

Version 1.5
- fixed moon image size
- added dialog to ask user for Moon Phases installation

Version 1.4
- fixed sunny weather icon
- added lock screen widget on Android Jelly Bean 4.2
- added smart weather update (when WiFi turned on, when power cable plugged in)

Version 1.2
- removed AirPush
- added support for weather icon sets
- added transparent theme
- fixed bug when sharing app
- improved design of weather detail dialog
- added some tablet optimizations
- performance optimizations
- better battery life
- vertical display of current location

Version 1.1
- added Slovenian translation
- added setting for notification messages sent by app or author
- fixed FC on weather data update when on non English UK locale

Version 1.0
- removed full features unlock (all features are now enabled)
- fixed visual issues on devices with Android less than ICS 4.0
- code and speed optimizations


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