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Weather effects using particles in Construct 2

I have came across this great tutorial about Weather effects by valdarko and I said to myself It should be better way to do this with particles.

So I start to investigate and quickly I have realized that I was right. Using only Construct 2 particle effects I was able to do the same thing. In my opinion this method is easier to setup and (by documentation) it should be less CPU intensive too.

First step was to setup a simple scene with two clouds. One for snow and other for rain.

Finding right properties for snow and rain particle effect took me some time and here are setup for both:

 Properties for snowand for rain 

After that I have added two clouds with sine behavior like this:

It's almost done. All I had to do was to pin both weather effect to clouds. I have achieved that with adding Pin behavior to both particle effects and pin them to clouds using this event sheet:

And here is the final result:

This tutorial is also available here.